ADNOC AT ADIPEC: Making Waves at the Crossroad of the World

Adnoc, Abu Dhabi 

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) makes our world go round. Without ADNOC our cars wouldn’t move off the drive, our fireplaces wouldn’t light to heat our homes, and most importantly: we’d have no bottles of milk in the fridge to make tea!  


ADNOC plays a pivotal role in the lives of billions of people around the world, producing over 2.5 million barrels of oil every day and distributing them to the furthest reaches of our planet. Their stature amongst the biggest names in the industry meant that ADNOC had a place of honor at ADIPEC; one of the top three global energy and fuel events – a massive 580m2 event space that needed to deliver a multitude of messages.

Primarily, the space needed to exude grandeur to reflect the global capabilities of ADNOC – featuring a representation of their success with homage to their brand new HQ which was under construction in the new high-rise capitol of the world: Abu Dhabi. Additionally, the space needed to be open, spacious and clean looking to represent ADNOC’s core values of honesty, integrity and communication. And finally, the space needed to tell the world that ADNOC’s roots lay deep within Middle Eastern culture and heritage.


Enhancing ADNOC’s presence at ADIPEC was the main priority; the most effective way to achieve this was to make the stand highly visible from a distance. Taking inspiration from the design concept of ADNOC’s HQ building, we built a 9.5 metre high tower that soared to the very limit of the venue. Using glass, bold branding, chrome trimming and a large LCD screen to relay corporate messages, we created a structure that made ADNOC’s presence unmissable. To add impact we incorporated a stylish, sweeping front facia to the stand with an offset logo, creating a visual spectacle that made the stand the focal point of the event.

The structure used white throughout to convey a feeling of clarity; this theme ran through the walls, the furniture and the lighting. Using the white colouring as a foundation to build ADNOC’s values into the stand, we also used wood flooring; flower beds and low profile, chrome effect structural beams to transform the stand into a flowing meeting area that acted as a conduit between visitors and ADNOC.

As a finishing touch, we added Mashrabiya styling to supporting archways, decorative windows and the ceiling area to subtly and beautifully let visitors know that while ADNOC is a global company, their values are still rooted in culture and tradition, and that even as the world changes, ADNOC will still be there to power the nation for generations to come. 


  • Stand became the centre piece of the whole show.
  • Considerable visitor appreciation was noted.
  • ADNOC enjoyed the prestige and attention it deserved.
  • Images of the stand feature on the ADIPEC website to advertise next year’s event

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