GES Takes AVIAGE SYSTEMS for First Flight at Paris Air Show


Complicated computers process mind bending amounts of data to keep a flight in the air. As aviation passes through a golden age of innovation, companies like AVIAGE SYSTEMS are increasingly in demand to make the impossible today mundane tomorrow. And where better to show off what they can do than the time-honoured Paris Air Show?


AVIAGE SYSTEMS is a relatively new brand in the aviation industry, a joint venture between two established names: GE Aviation and AVIC (The Aviation Industry Corporation of China) that formed in 2009. AVIAGE SYSTEMS create avionics interfaces and flight deck display panels, some of the most vital technology on-board an aircraft.

The Paris Air Show was the first time AVIAGE SYSTEMS took their brand to an exhibition under their own steam in Europe. Their aim was to expand their brand presence into Europe, a notoriously difficult market to get into. To do that; AVIAGE SYSTEMS wanted to connect with as many potential international customers and partners as possible through B2B meetings.

“You all definitely helped make our first Paris Air Show experience an enjoyable one.”


Not every exhibitor has the luxury of being able to plan their exhibition months in advance, the world of international aviation is pretty busy after all. This meant the project came in under pretty tight deadlines with short availability of space at Paris Air Show - meaning the overall footprint of the exhibition stand was relatively small too.

To overcome the limited floor space, the best plan of action was to make the most of airspace above the stand. AVIAGE SYSTEMS needed something to announce their presence in Europe, so we designed special hanging banners that took inspiration from aviation design. The hanging banners made the most of the brand colours and featured graphics inspired by AVIAGE SYSTEMS aspiration as a rising brand.

To help AVIAGE SYSTEMS connect with visitors; the stand featured high visibility presentation screens to draw visitors off the aisle, a professional reception area, a meeting space inside aerospace inspired architecture plus catering facilities for mid meeting refreshments.


The stand at Paris Air Show definitely provided AVIAGE SYSTEMS with compelling brand presence. Their short term brand awareness goal expectations were met, plus they gathered invaluable experience for exhibiting in Europe.

Using their debut at Paris Air Show as a launch pad, AVIAGE SYSTEMS announced that they were setting up a new business in Arizona – which was picked up by all of the major industry news channels. In addition to this news, the Governor of Arizona – Doug Ducey – hosted a special news conference on the stand (read the full story here).

I’d like to thank the GES team for a great job done. Looking forward to the next show!

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