Ball Packaging Europe Refresh Audience with an Iceberg Inspired Stand at DRINKTEC, Munich

Ball Packaging Europe, Munich 

Next time you take a refreshing, ice cold sip from your favourite canned or bottled beverage, check the side of the packaging to see who made it possible – you’ll probably find it was Ball Packaging Europe. Ball is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of beverage cans and bottles and they wanted to make their presence known at drinktec, Munich.


Ball wanted a new stand that took the breath away from their visitors. A stand that featured cool and crisp minimalism mixed with a striking and dramatic structure. The focus was to get across the immensity of their business, its capabilities and their vast product range.

The stand needed to be open plan with areas subtly divided by function to create a better visitor experience, and to ensure that the space could be easily navigated by staff. As an added challenge, the stand had to be reusable for other events on their calendar i.e. for BrauBeviale which came with a height restriction of only 4.5 m.


Nothing says refreshment more than an ice cold drink and that is what inspired our stand concept. The idea of ice neatly fitted in with Ball’s requirements for a stand that was minimalist, clean and striking in appearance. An ice cube would have been too small and too refined a shape, but an iceberg on the other hand is robust and visually breath-taking. So we designed the main structure of the stand in brilliant white with bold, iceberg inspired edges to command attention within the exhibition hall. Featuring a huge LCD screen built into the face, and with the addition of Ball’s brand colours, the stand appeared as a true centrepiece for the show.

The stand needed to be adaptable and fit within venue regulations for other events. The main structure was built to the 4.5m height limit for BrauBeviale but, to make the most of the height allowance at drinktec our engineers installed an attention grabbing hanging graphic from the ceiling, which was emblazoned with Ball’s logo and brand colours.

To segment the spaces we incorporated purpose built ‘zones’ within the stand which carried the overarching look and feel of the stand. We built colour coded podiums which highlighted the different features of Ball’s product offering to attract passing guests. Each podium had a built in presentation screen to engage visitors and physical examples of Ball’s products. These acted as a filter for the stand staff; anyone who lingered by these features could be picked up and moved onto the next if they showed genuine interest.

The next zone was a hospitality bar area where representatives and visitors could hold informal conversations, and for those visitors who turned into warm leads we built a private seating booth which was decked out with Ball’s brand colours and its own private bar.


  • The final stand was both visually appealing and pragmatic
  • The design met and exceeded the client objectives
  • Ball Packaging commended us for a job well done and we’re working on future projects

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