Electrical Applicance Wholesaler Clatronic Brings Its Brands Together for IFA, Berlin

Clatronic, Berlin

From kettles to freezers, and hair driers to toasters, these are all common household items that we take for granted. But do we ever spare a thought as to how these items get from one side of the planet to our homes here in Europe and beyond? That’s where Clatronic steps in, distributing these products into stores for our convenience.


We took on the challenge to build Clatronic’s stand at IFA in Berlin – the biggest consumer electrical event in Europe. Clatronic’s aim for this event was to create a link between themselves and the brands they bring into our homes (with special attention to be paid to their “ProfiCook” range), to engage with new and existing customers, in addition to showing the industry the vast range of new and current products they distribute worldwide.


Minimalism and nostalgia were the key ingredients for building this stand and we carried them through into every element we designed and built. Simplicity and shades of white are what appeal to Clatronic’s target consumers; minimalism is very fashionable within the electrical appliance market. To match the trend, the predominant colour of that stand was white with bold streaks of vibrant colour to draw attention to the important parts of the stand – like colouring the ProfiCook section in its purple brand colour - which featured clear glass accents like shelves and display pedestals to showcase key products.

In addition to the coloured sections, we engineered huge illuminated graphic panels; depicting nostalgic and emotive scenes of people using Clatronic’s products in everyday situations. The aim of these soaring graphics was to grab the attention of passing visitors and make them think about the everyday products they take for granted. As a final layer of quality added through the use of illuminated graphics, we built large suspended light boxes that highlighted all of the brands under the Clatronic umbrella. These were placed facing outwards onto the walkways for maximum exposure.

To help Clatronic engage with the visitors that entered their stand, we designed it to work as a filter, with a single exit and entry point. This allowed Clatronic’s visitors to work their way around the stand to sections that interested them – using the colouring and graphics as signposts – while the Clatronic representatives engaged with them, minimising the potential loss of opportunities.

As a final touch, and to help Clatronic better serve their warmer leads from the stand floor, we built a second tier to their stand which featured a seated bar area where more in-depth conversations could take place. We surrounded this area with emotive graphics and products from the entire Clatronic range to emphasise the sheer scale of what they could help their clients achieve.


  • The client was extremely pleased with their new stand, especially our continued support
  • Met all pre-show objectives, and discussions about a long-term cooperation and future projects are already in the pipeline

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