The Many Brands of the De'Longhi Group Shone Together in an Elegant Digital Setting at IFA.

De'Longhi, Berlin 

Italian home appliances manufacturer, De’Longhi Group, needed the right setting to bring three of its largest global brands (De'Longhi, Kenwood and Braun) together in an elegant group presentation. Our task was to create an engaging space for these brands that would allow them to be displayed simultaneously through sensory stimulation – all under one roof at IFA in Berlin.


Our brief for this project was to create an environment that unified three of De’Longhi Group’s brands (De'Longhi, Kenwood and Braun) at IFA, Berlin. De’Longhi wanted to reinforce to their customers that all three brands came under the same umbrella, while highlighting the essence of quality that is synonymous with De’Longhi Group and its brands.

But the stand needed to be more than just another stand. It needed to present existing and new product ranges to business clients to secure orders for next season, while also engaging visitors through sensory stimulation: smells, visuals, tastes, sounds and interactions while featuring a design that reflected the design of De’Longhi’s products.

“The team was a massive support and fantastically well organised, they brought all our thoughts together into what would be an award winning stand.” 


To entice visitors onto the stand, we positioned the De’Longhi and Kenwood brands on the visitor facing edges of the stand allowing the smells of brewing coffee and live cooking demonstrations to waft through the venue. Microphone amplifiers were placed in the demonstration areas to project live action audio across the venue.

Strategically placed logos on the top panel of the stand delivered a strong sense of brand unity. We then bathed the logos in bright white light to project them across the venue. Hanging graphics were utilised throughout the stand to create harmony between product offerings, and also form subtle divisions within the stand to create specific “brand zones”. To further emphasise brand unity, each display unit within the stand was styled in the same way, while still incorporating the individual brand colours.

Creating audience engagement was to be the key element of the stand, and we achieved this by designing live action areas for all three brands. For the De’Longhi brand we incorporated a hospitality bar area featuring baristas to fill the hall with the smell of freshly made coffee. The Kenwood area contained a live action kitchen for where a celebrity chef delivered demonstrations that appealed to the senses, creating instant visitor engagement.

Finally, display areas were crafted to provide a space for visitors to interact with Braun’s products. We engineered a 3D holographic viewing centre to highlight some of the unique features of Braun’s products, enabling three-dimensional images to show applications of their products, sparking the viewer’s imagination and building their engagement.


  • The innovative design generated heavy footfall on the stand, welcoming in a large proportion of the 240,000 visitors
  • Clear brand messaging ensured that all three brands were brought together under the De’Longhi Group umbrella
  • The combination of sensory stimulation from the live action display areas and the holographic viewing areas optimised brand engagement with both business and consumer visitors
  • The new product ranges were successfully unveiled at IFA, making the shortlist of IFA event highlights in Retail Observer Magazine, citing “This year De’Longhi Deutschland GmbH continues to maintain its position as a trailblazer”.
A huge ‘Thank You’ to the entire GES team for the amazing design of our stand for IFA Berlin 2013; it was a pleasure to work with you. We are looking forward to further cooperation with you for IFA Berlin 2014.
De'Longhi Germany GMBH
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