Elvis Memorabilia Says ‘Lift me tender’ at the O2 Arena

Elvis at the O2 Arena


Open to the public since 1982, Graceland perfectly preserve and display all of the most loved memorabilia that Elvis Presley once owned. They brought their exhibition to the O2 for an eight month run starting in December 2014 to August 2015. Graceland needed a global logistics supplier to collect all the high-priority memorabilia; including Elvis' beloved 1956 Lincoln Continental, the 1960 MG convertible from Blue Hawaii, a modified golf cart and a 1976 Harley Davidson from Memphis USA to the O2 Arena in Greenwich. 

After a smooth journey over the pond, the main challenge was getting the items into the narrow delivery bay door 10.5 metres in the air. We had a custom made lifting platform in stock and it was the perfect fit for the task at hand. The crane and unique lifting structure were extremely effective and all four vehicles were lifted within the space of a day. 

The lift of the Lincoln even received television coverage in the UK on BBC's 'The One Show', during a promotional segment for the Elvis at the O2 Exhibition.

It was no small feat we accomplished getting these cars up here [into the venue]... Bravo to you and your team.
Angie Marchese | Director of Archives, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.
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