Marshalling Yard Do's and Don'ts

A marshalling yard is vital to trade shows. Make sure your carrier is informed with these do’s and don’ts.

1) Provide paperwork such as bill of lading (BOL’s), site contact’s phone numbers, and hall and booth info.

2) Inform your driver of check-in and unload times, and to keep their cell phones handy.

3) Do have your driver check in early.

4) Do make sure they don't miss their dispatch calls.

5) Don’t send your driver to the yard without all required paperwork.

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As Senior Manager of Marketing Operations at GES, Christy’s passion for live events is only equal to her dedication in educating and assisting exhibitors planning events. As an expert exhibitor herself, she loves sharing the countless tips and tricks she has learned along the way to help even experienced exhibitors find their way to consistently successful shows.

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