Top-Secret Events for VIPs

May 19, 2017

Anything that is labelled ‘top secret’ screams exclusivity and ignites people’s interest. When it comes to events, adding top secret elements can not only create an air of mystery and buzz around our event, but they can be used to reach out and impress the right people.

VIP’s who take the time and effort to attend events these days expect more. In fact, attendees in general expect more. So, although a room with some refreshments for your most valued guests may help, it won’t be enough to really impress them. You’re going to need to do a lot more in order to “woo” your attendees.

Many event organisers are beginning to add extra special elements to their events that run alongside their main exhibition. They’re tailor making exquisite experiences for VIPs who they want to have a conversation with or go the extra mile to impress.

Here are some ways you can create exclusivity and impress VIPs at your events:

Access to exclusive presentations/talks

Try and organise a special speaker to give a talk or presentation to a small selection of carefully selected delegates. This will make them feel valued and give them a compelling reason to turn up to your event. Pick a topic or subject that will be very useful to them and deliver an awesome presentation.

At the Blitz|GES Connection, over 250 corporate event managers and organisers made their way to the Science Museum, London, for the chance to network and try out some fun event gadgets, but most of all they wanted to hear about new trends and learn from the experts – so that they could take some new ideas back to their office. 

Entry into VIP-only areas

In their simplest form, top secret events may just include an area that’s cordoned off for VIPs only. The norm is to offer extra refreshments, but instead of stocking up on champagne and nibbles, try and think outside the box. Why not bring some specialist caterers in or have a posh food cart offering irresistible treats. Health food is also becoming popular in events at the moment, so you could consider partnering with a high end health food supplier.

VIP product demos

Wow your VIP's with exclusive new product demos that no one else has seen yet, now that will get their attention. Or simply set aside an area where they can use and sample the very best selection of products from your exhibition.

Access to data and event insights

Everyone is all about the data these days, so if you can supply them with data they don’t usually get access to, then go for it. Or even better, deliver the data in an interactive way or via a smartphone app, so they get get insights as the day goes on, and also after the event.

Poken uses fun and interactive technology to drive engagement and deliver deeper insight through real-time data. The Poken platform offers a seamless ecosystem of tools that promotes visitor interaction, enables digital document collection and provides real-time analysis and reporting. Together with N200|GES’ Visit registration and intelligence product suite, exhibitors can now deliver a truly ‘intelligent event’ experience – one that drives engagement and measures it.

Incredible experiences alongside events

Just like we did with our clients, a treat for your VIPs can go a long way. Offer them the best seats in the house, an exclusive box or a day out somewhere awesome with your team.


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