4 Lessons From The World Series

If you’re a baseball fan I think you’ll agree that this year’s baseball playoffs and World Series were fantastic. Regardless of the team that you cheered for, there were certainly games, innings and moments that will be remembered by baseball fans for some time. I was fortunate to attend the first game in St. Louis and after that experience it occurred to me that our industry and sporting events have a lot in common.

Here are four ways that I see the connections between the World Series and our industry:

1.  Practice Makes Perfect- Getting to the World Series takes a season full of preparation, in most cases years, in best cases weeks – similar to the preparation necessary to produce an exhibition, corporate event, corporate exhibit or traveling experience.

2.  Team Roster- Once you make it to the “show,” you need to field the team with the best personnel – I appreciate our clients that trust their event to the GES team – our experience and desire to help our clients succeed is second to none.

3.  Improving the Guest Experience – Game One of the World Series had rain, wind and weather suitable for being by a fireplace reading a good book, not sitting outside watching baseball.  As I shivered in the upper concourse prior to the game, a concession worker approached me with a hot chocolate and said, “Welcome to St. Louis.” Wow free hot chocolate – I think aside from me telling the story of my team’s victory in game one, I have told the hot chocolate story a hundred times. That worker affirmed my belief that everyone in our industry can affect the guest experience in a positive or negative way. We need to enlist the entire team to improve the experience.

4.  The Power of Community – The debate in our industry for some time has been that live events might be replaced by virtual events. After attending a World Series game, I’m even more convinced that our live event business will flourish for some time. Broadcasting and web streaming may enhance live events, but there is no better feeling than the energy that comes from attending a live sporting event. I went to our Harry Potter exhibition this summer in New York City and witnessed a family exiting the event. The children jumping up and down, each holding a wizard wand with smiles from ear-to-ear – there is something magical about live experiences – experiential, business-to-business or sporting.

I’m a father of two grade school children, who from time-to-time want to give up on an idea, a project or profess that something is too hard or can’t be done. This World Series should teach each of us that nothing is impossible.

When do pitchers and catchers report to spring training? I’m ready.

Do you have a similar experience with sports that you use for motivation in your professional life? Share your stories on our Facebook wall!

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