7 Mind-Blowing Event Venues You Need to See


We, as humans, are curious. Whether its knowledge or experiences, we want to be surprised. Off-beat places push us out of our comfort zone in a world of computers, artificial intelligence and apps. An experience that really blows us away - and that makes us look up from our gadgets – has to be something very special indeed.

Event venues are springing up all over to offer an alternative experience for you, your visitors, your speakers and your exhibitors. From old wine cellars to castles, these can be the perfect catalyst for your fledgling event or for pumping new life into your current event.

Naturally, we can help you supply any of them, but there’s more to picking a venue than the practicalities. These days your visitors will want to try to capture the experience and share it with their social following. You need your visitor’s help in creating that all-important FOMO – and an off-beat space will certainly take you a long way toward achieving that.

So we’ve put our heads together and come up with a list of some mind-blowing spaces from around the world. They’re not the biggest, but they’re certainly some of the most eye-catching.


The Cutty Sark - London


Jeff's Cellar - Malaysia


Salina Turda the Science Fiction Wonder of Cluj - Romania


Piano House - China


Beijing International Convention Center (Bird's nest) - China


Dublin Castle - Ireland


Harpa conference center and concert hall - Iceland


There are hundreds more out there, and we’d be happy to help you plan your event at any of them. Check out what we can do for you, and let GES help you turn a space into a place.

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