7 New Ways To Market Your Exhibit

Lately, many of our fellow industry professionals have been stressing the importance of planning, implementing and measuring in order to be, “smart trade show pros.” I agree and my experience validates the need to take actionable steps that cover each phase (pre-, at- and post-show) of planning.

That’s why we partnered with Event Marketer magazine on a whitepaper and webinar. We share each step to help you rethink the old while embracing the new with the goal of refocusing your trade show energies. This will help you take advantage of the opportunities created by the industry’s new “reality.”

Our white paper, “7 Steps to Successful Exhibit Campaigns Trends,” explains the key components required at each phase - from setting goals and objectives to developing a campaign brief.

Here are the seven tips included to make your next exhibit campaign successful:

1. Define your audience 2. Build the perfect brainstorm 3. Set goals and objectives 4. Get internal buy in 5. Build a creative brief 6. Implementation 7. Measure results

Clearly, a new economy demands a new approach and I believe that the ‘build it and they will come’ theory is gone. If you’re hoping for that, you’re rolling the dice because you, the trade show manager, is ultimately going to be held accountable for what the outcome was at the show. Translation: A holistic, integrated approach is really about what you’re going to do to get the right attendees to your booth.

You can find the recording of the webinar here and the white paper here. Don’t forget to check it out (the white paper includes an example campaign timeline for you to use at your next show)!

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