8 ways to break the ice with exhibitors



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Ultimately, the goal at any exhibition is to connect with as many exhibitors as possible to share information and news on what service and products you have to offer. These conversations can then be tracked as leads and followed up by your team generate potential business.

However, before you get to that stage the very first thing you need to do is break the ice with exhibitors to help encourage them to get talking. So in an exhibition room filled with 100’s of stands, how can you break the ice and trigger exciting conversations? Discover 8 ways to break the ice…



We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do” - Mother Teresa

Nothing breaks the ice more than a smile. Make sure your team on your stand are ready to go, always smiling and having fun. Your presence is of utmost importance.


Leave no empty hands

Never let your visitors leave your exhibition stand empty-handed. Give them something; anything… a business card, a promotional goody bag, a logo branded gadget, or even a sales brochure. Remind event attendees of your business even after they leave the exhibition. You never know, you could spark conversation at any time after the event.


Get walking

To meet as many people as you physically can may mean travelling away from your stand and spotting potential conversation on the exhibition floor. So look out for those networking areas! Some exhibitors will be tempted to just sit on their stand and wait. This will save your legs but it won’t help you build your contact list.



Remember that through online channels you can start your engagement ahead of the event, so get talking. By being active through social channels, and using tags to connect on the event’s official social pages, you can start to break the ice with attendees pre-show. Be proactive and draw attendees to your event and consider sharing exciting content that could spark questions for your company at the event.



Breaking the ice is the hard part so make sure you have a process for capturing your successful leads. Accurately record all contact details for new business leads as this makes your follow-up and staying connected with business leads so much easier.


Know the venue

So you’re not the organiser for the event, but actually what better way to break the ice than offer some helpful advice to the exhibitors asking for help? Knowing simple information like where the information desk and toilets are is one of the easiest ways to break the ice and shows your enthusiasm for being there. It also offers you a chance to get talking to exhibitors to find out more about why they have come to event and if they could be a potential prospect for your business.


Make your stand engaging

Does your stand encourage attendees to come to talk to you? As well as creating great artwork, think about the conversations you want to start with your exhibitors; is there anything you can display which could spark the right conversations? Maybe a product demo? Don’t wait for a visitor to show interest.


Keep the ice broken

Once the ice has broken make sure it stays broken by keep in touch and keep the conversation going through a follow up strategy. Think about sending an email to all your leads to thank them for your stand visiting your stand and adding downloads of content you shared on the day so that there’s another opportunity to view your material.

As well as email keep up your social noise and remember to follow up any call requests right away while the iron is still hot.


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