A Sip From A Fire Hydrant: Part 1

Teamwork, you see those two words every day. On TV ads, in magazines, sports programs and probably hear the phrase just as much as you see it. I recently worked on a project that could literally define the word. IDEXX laboratories is the global market leader in diagnostic and information technology solutions for animal health. I was introduced to their brand in May of 2011 and tasked to work on a few graphic fly-throughs of an exhibit we were pitching. Little did I know that this would end up being one of the pivotal projects of my career.

While IDEXX was interested in our exhibit designs, our fabrication and our trade show services, they needed more. They wanted a holistic campaign that would include pre- and post-show marketing strategies, an interactive theater and the largest, most in-depth multimedia experience we have created in-house at GES. The interactive would include eight independent lines of business, a pet diagnosis challenge, integrated 3-D models of IDEXX’s product lines, 29 animations and videos, a complete browse-able and email-able E-Literature program, integrated Smartleads’ technology and some kind of kitchen sink.

Daunting? Yes. IDEXX’s eight lines of business are all unique and have different stories to tell. These lines of business include scientists who talk about stuff like… well… science. A discovery session with these guys was like taking a sip of water from a fire hydrant. Learning about the difference between Laser Flow Cytometry and Optical Impedance, so that we could build and animate them in 3D was not going to be easy.  So how were we going accomplish this? Teamwork. GES is blessed with a diverse group of very talented individuals and we assembled an amazing team to discover, design, produce, build, test, deploy and measure the experience. The team consisted of interactive designers, account executives, account managers, marketing people, programmers, animators, motion graphic designers, video editors and a dude who made coffee (lots of coffee).

So we dove in. At times the water was bliss, at times there were sharks, but we were never treading alone. We always had the team to bounce ideas off, ask for a jpeg, occasionally vent to and always depend on.  Not only did we succeed in learning the client we learned more about each other and have added to our strong integrated marketing and multimedia foundation. Oh, and based on the work of an incredible client, GES’ teamwork, the beautiful custom exhibits, our excellent show services team and the experiences we created and produced, IDEXX won booth of the year at the North American Veterinary Conference. That’s teamwork GES style!

Check back next week for a full break down of each step we took to make this experience possible! When did your team come together to create a work of wonder? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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