Best giveaways for events and exhibitions



It’s no secret that everyone likes a freebie. One sure-fire way to get visitors to your stand at an event is to give away free stuff. However, there’s some freebies that people just don’t want, and others that will really make the kind of impact you’re after. 

You may have to spend out a bit if you want to have the best giveaways, but you can also get creative on a budget. If you can’t afford to give everyone who comes to your stand a freebie, give out two or three bigger freebies as a prize instead. 

Our advice? Steer clear of the boring and obvious giveaways like pens and mugs. Giveaways need to be cost-effective, interesting and branded. Here’s some of the best giveaways and cool swag you can present to visitors at your event. 


People often find it very hard to turn down free food. Instead of the standard sweets pack or chocolate, try and go for something different. Think about the audience at your event, the time of year and the time of day the event is being held. Would people appreciate fresh pastries at breakfast time? Or perhaps an energy bar to get them through the late afternoon talks when everyone’s feeling a bit sleepy. 


Cool gadgets are always a winner, although unfortunately they aren’t the cheapest swag to offer. However, if you have connections to a company that makes impressive gadgets, perhaps you can strike a deal? You can give away their products at a big event, they get to promote their products and you get to attract attention. 

Unusual stuff

You know what catches people’s attention? Uber unique stuff. Think outside the box and try and offer a freebie that no one else is offering, or would ever think to offer. 

Cool customised stuff

Pens and USB sticks have been so overdone. Sure, you can give away customised stuff, but be smart about it. Give people stuff they might actually use, rather than throw away instantly. For example, headphones, a luggage tag,stress balls, an Ipad case and things that will generally be seen with your branding when people use them. 

Your products/service

Why not give people free samples of your product? If you are confident enough in your product, then give out some free samples in the hope that people will be impressed and pay to have more. Or, if you offer a service, consider giving people a month’s free service. 

Care packages

According to the 2016 ASI Global Impressions Study, usefulness is a key reason that people keep promotional products they receive. 77% of people said that they would keep a promotional item that was useful to them.

Events and exhibitions can be a little tiring, and people often also forget to bring stuff that they might need to get them through the day. Giving away well thought out care packages can really make a positive impact. 

Consider your event carefully and give people a package containing things like hand san, lip balm, a little snack, a touch screen cleaner, tablet stylus pen, mobile device charger, a notepad and maybe some painkillers. 



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