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CES 2018: New Technology to Take Your Event to Another Level

CES 2018 Live Event Technology

CES is the world’s largest technology show, if not the largest trade show across the globe.  More than 180,000 industry professionals visited last year’s CES in Las Vegas for the annual unveiling of all the latest tech products, from voice-controlled smart homes to transparent trucks. They toss around fancy words like “futurism” and “pioneering thinkers” to describe world-changing innovations. Did we mention the Sony robot dog?

While the show always impresses the average consumer, there is incredible new technology that can change the landscape of how you exhibit at your next show or how you engage your audience at your next event. 

Here are a few things to look out for:

LG 90-foot OLED canyon

Massive screens arranged in concave and convex configurations? Yes, please! New commercial display technology creates eye-popping immersive installations, allowing attendees to walk through the experience of waterfalls, blizzards and more, complete with state-of-the-art audio accompaniment.

LG OLED Canyon

Image via AV Interactive


Square-shaped light panels

Enhance your space with touch-controlled square panels

Nanoleaf is announcing its touch-sensitive surface, which you adjust by simply tapping or sliding your finger across the surface. Not only does it create a beautiful backdrop, the panels work with voice and motion sensors to create an immersive sight and sound explosion for your attendees.

Square-shaped light panels

Image via CNET



Virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) hardware & software

These technologies remain cutting-edge even in the consumer space, as the tech is so new that it has yet to find any real foothold in the workplace. However, falling costs and increased processing and graphics muscle built into new headsets may well make this area more compelling in the future.

Video via CES



The Mother of all projections screens has arrived. If you are a fan of your own living room projection experience, then Sony has you covered with its new 4K projector.


Image via


Dell Experience

Dell, CES® 2018 Innovation Award recipient, transformed Yardbird restaurant at the Venetian into a product demo showcase that allowed attendees to take a peek at their latest technologies, test their skills at some incredible games and enter a whole new dimension through amazing VR demos. Guests were also invited to step into Dell Cinema via an augmented reality experience.

Dell Experience at CES 2018


Bell Air Taxis

Talk about future tech, the Bell Air Taxi is debuting at CES this year, showcasing the evolvement of robotic flights. 

Bell Helicopter AirTaxi

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