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Farnborough International Airshow: how to provide a first class experience

Farnborough International Airshow: how to provide a first class experience

Farnborough International Airshow is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company as the innovative leader in the aviation industry that it is. But, with so many other exciting businesses gathering to show off everything they have to offer as well, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get noticed.

We’ve put together a few useful tips to help you create an attention-grabbing stand, and to give your customers the first class treatment once you’ve drawn them in.

Stand artwork – getting it right

Stand Artwork

Your exhibition stand is your bread and butter at the Farnborough Airshow. It may be the first attendees will have seen of your brand, so you’ll want to make a good impression. If it’s dynamic and engaging, it’s an impact which will last.

There’s a lot to consider to craft your artwork correctly. What information should be included? What should be left out? What’s going to grab attendees’ attention after a long day on their feet?

We’ve seen hundreds of different stands over the years, and we’ve noticed some companies try to overload every inch of their stands with information. You need to put yourself in the attendees’ shoes. Are you really going to stop and read endless long sentences, or search the stand for all the useful information buried at the bottom by the floor?

Probably not.

We find the most impactful stands choose their words carefully, include only the necessary information and focus on design techniques to stop people in their tracks. Got something important to say? Make sure it’s placed correctly, at eye level, so it’s the first thing your potential customers will see.

A lot of exhibitors opt for the clean and clinical white backdrop, but a bold colour choice could help you stand out. From Virgin Airlines’ red to Easy Jet’s orange, there’s no denying colours make an impact – and memorable brands are successful. 

Above all, make sure your stand is a place that visitors want to spend time. After a lot of walking and waiting throughout the event, creating a space where your visitors feel relaxed, entertained and comfortable will go a long way and be greatly appreciated.   

Displays – what’s hot and what’s not?

Now you’ve got your stand artwork spot on, it’s time to think about your displays. A lot of businesses bring along something to show off in the hopes of standing out and wowing their visitors, but often the execution of the display lets them down.

We suggest if you’re going to bring something you want noticed, make it unexpected. So often we see the latest must-have, fad technology making an appearance, and while this can be fun, it does feel repetitive after the third virtual reality headset is pushed into your hands.


Consider something your company does that visitors might not be familiar with and turn it into an engaging activity. Whether it’s offering specialist equipment to try or giving opportunities to play insightful games – you want your display to be the talk of the exhibition, the must-see activity that delegates go home and rave about to their friends.

Unipart at Railtex - Display in your stand

Once you’ve decided on what you’re displaying, think carefully about how you’re going to display it. It’s not enough to put some techy stuff in a Perspex box and perch it on a meeting table. Your display should reflect the innovative thinking and creativity that your company exudes, so think outside the box!

Wowing your visitors

Your stand is striking and your displays are engaging, you’ve done everything you can to attract visitors and the fruits of your labour are starting to pay off.

Now what?

Even the most perfectly put-together stands aren’t going to impress visitors if the event team lacks enthusiasm. So, make sure you and your team are well prepared to provide a warm welcome to attendees. Remember to enjoy the Airshow yourself, too. Sharing a joke and a genuine conversation with the people around you will make all the difference in a long line of sales-led discussions.

One of the key attributes of exhibiting at an event like the Farnborough International Airshow is that you have the chance to speak face-to-face with your potential customers or business partners. Your stand may be glossy and perfectly curated, but you are not a website or a magazine. You have the chance here to make real connections and a meaningful lasting impression, so don’t feel you have to hide behind the stats and figures.

Let your personalities shine through and you’ll be well on your way to being the best stand at the show. And if you need a little help, check out this handy guide we’ve put together to help you deliver a first class experience to your visitors.

We hope these little hints and tips will prove useful when getting your business ready for the exhibition. It’s going to be a fantastic event and we can’t wait to see you there.

For more information on how you can get show ready for the Farnborough International Airshow, click here to learn more.