Four Easy Ways to Go Green and Save Money

The phrase “going green” is about as new as “far out”, but companies and organizations are still challenged by the task.

Organizers and exhibitors often ask me, “What are some small steps I can take to go green at my event or exhibit?” So, I’ve compiled a list of four easy ways to “go green” (and save money of course).

(1) Construct your exhibit with sustainable components.

Consult with your design and account team to identify more environmentally-responsible resources to complete your exhibit. Everyone buzzes about the third “R” (recycle), but the second “R” (re-use) is just as important when designing for sustainability. Explore ways in which past components can be re-organized and re-launched.

(2) Order recyclable carpet for your booth.

The third “R” is still relevant – and with a plethora of recyclable options throughout the marketplace for both aisle and booth carpet, this is an easy first step toward “going green.” For example, we have aisle carpet options that are 100% recyclable and made from 25% post-industrial recycled content, complete with padding produced with 100% recycled fibers. Many of our plush and ultra plush booth carpet options are also 100% recyclable.

(3) Use social media to communicate information about your booth location, meetings, and entertainment events.

Facebook boasts 500 million active users, while the print and newspaper industries are quickly trying to adapt to an iPad world. Scale back on postcards, signage, and hand-outs, and utilize platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect your audience with information.

(4) Continue to educate and promote awareness of sustainability practices.

Everyone needs a little 101 from time to time. Get your team on board, and remind them why environmental responsibility is critical to doing what’s right for all stakeholders. Provide regular updates on your sustainability efforts, and focus on tangible goals and results: Seeing is believing.

The long journey begins with a single step (onto recycled carpet). Start with these four easy ways to “go green” (and save money), then conquer the world.

Have you “gone green?” Let us know your easy ideas for “going green” on our Facebook page.

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