How to Reach 'Generation Z'


Generation Z... those who grew up with digital TV rather than four channels, and have everything at their fingertips via their smartphone. These people were born between 1995 and 2001 (and beyond), which makes them a generation that’s never known a world without the web. Gen Z are making waves and turning out to be a hugely influential generation who want to make a difference. They’ve been surrounded by social media, technology and have grown up through a recession, making them more cost conscious than their parents.

They see the world differently than Millennials, are accustomed to rapid change, are highly entrepreneurial and will surpass every generation before them in terms of sheer numbers. By 2020 Generation Z will account for 40% of all consumers. Now there’s a stat you should pay attention to.

If you want to target Gen Z, it’s time to focus on what life is really like for the teenagers of today. What they engage with, what makes them tick, and why they are such a powerful and important generation. Here’s how you can get their attention:


Their world of technology

These guys have grown up with technology that previous generations never dreamed would be around. They expect high-tech experiences and are accustomed to living a life that’s deeply intertwined with advanced tech. They’ll respond well to events that feature the most cutting-edge tech platforms and they love gaming. New event tech trends like wearables, VR 2.0 and gamification will go down well with this lot.


It’s all about the experience

Gen Z aren’t massively fussed about brands, what really makes them tick is the experience. They’re looking for something more from every purchase and encounter. Whether that’s free delivery, extra gifts or an exceptional adventure. So when it comes to events for example, they want the whole package, and the added extras.

They’re easily distracted, so events that offer things like multi-sensory engagement and experiential events will help keep them engaged. Everything should be done in short bursts and each and every part of an event should add value. If you’re going to offer Gen Z a wifi connection, make sure it’s fast.


A new generation of celebrities

This generation of youngsters aren’t fussed about traditional celebrities such as singers and movie stars. They like to connect with role models who are more relatable and real, such as YouTube personalities and bloggers. So huge advertising campaigns with pop stars might not get the results you’d hoped for when it comes to Gen Z. The concept of a celebrity is evolving and Gen Z are on board with this.


Gen Z and social media

They’re less interested in platforms like Facebook and Twitter which they consider more for their parents. They prefer closed messaging platforms like SnapChat and WhatsApp and aren’t particularly enthused by email anymore, favouring push notification. Gen Z are also interested by shareable events, that they can showcase to their social connections. So they tend to appreciate events that offer an epic, shareable experience like concerts and festivals.


Eco conscious

Gen Z are not afraid of fighting for important causes, and they have a passion for living a more eco conscious lifestyle. They’ll be looking for greener events that not only use sustainable suppliers and techniques, but have a positive impact on the communities around them.


Healthy food

It seems Gen Z love their food, with around 30 percent of their money being spent on food and drink. But they aren’t into junk food, they seem to be moving away from processed foods and will be looking for organic, healthier food choices at events.

When you're ready to target Gen Z with your next event, give GES a call. We can help you plan and tailor your event to successfully connect with whomever your audience may be.


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