I Only Have One Client?

Our goal is to make Clients feel that they are our ONLY Client and the center of our attention. Any time I hear Client say, “I know you are busy, but do you have time to do this for me?” it makes me cringe. We must value each Client’s individual needs, no matter the size, scope or potential conflicts with our time, to ensure we consistently meet and exceed their expectations.

Think about how you leverage your time best. You’ve heard the expression, “Don’t attempt this unless you are a professional?” Well, you are!  So use your experience to clarify Client needs and react with techniques such as those in Jason Popp’s last blog.

We may drive strategic initiatives with hundreds of Clients around the world, but we must always focus on perfect execution.  My favorite reply when a Client says, “I know you are probably very busy, and I am sorry to bother you…” is “We are a global company working on thousands of projects, but when you and I are talking, you are our ONLY Client.”

Here are my three tips to make sure every one of your Clients feel like they are your ONLY Client:

1.  Listen closely and respond proactively: Repetition is key to confirming your understanding- repeat to confirm. Don’t forget to share your sense of urgency.  Even if you don't have the solution at that moment, keep them aware of the situation’s progression. Communicating early and often will demonstrate that you are an action-oriented service professional. Listening and responding in a timely fashion differentiates GES in a positive way.

2.  Share your appreciation for their concern: Always assure your Client that while you do serve many Clients, the time you spend with them, is theirs. Do your best to exemplify that they are your ONLY Client.

3.  Offer up ideas even if they haven’t asked: Hands-on thinking about new and innovative ways to get things done illustrates your dedication.  Remember, if you don't, it’s pretty much guaranteed that someone in the marketplace is brainstorming how they can.

A great global partner--- Bell Helicopter!

By giving the best service you are capable of, you become an excellent consultant and trusted advisor. Through hard work and dedication, we ALL can service our Clients in the best ways possible and continue to prove to them why being a part of this industry is important.

How do you balance your client relationships? Share your hints with our fans on Facebook!

P.S. Notice how I capitalize the “C” in “Client?” Every time I type the word that way, it reminds me who is most important in our business relationships.

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