“If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.”

Paying employees to quit their position at your company, or taking an interviewee out to run errands are some unconventional tactics that might not make complete sense to the average person. Leave it to Colin Bunn to combine these obscure ideas to prove that a huge part of teambuilding is hiring and retaining the right people to fit your company’s culture.

Colin BunnColin spoke at MPI-NEXT last week and it’s no surprise that he ROCKED his session, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together", by incorporating his passion of music and athletics to highlight how to successfully lead and work with others, because “building great teams will never go away.” A big portion of Colin’s session focused on the importance of hiring the right person off the bat, because there’s a big price to pay, both emotionally and financially, for hiring the wrong people.

Besides having the best-fitting people working for you, Colin says that being a part of a team is a lot like music: it’s all about listening. It’s a fundamental skill of music and effective communication, and we certainly trust Colin’s advice about music. Talk about a rock star! Attendees really enjoyed hearing Colin speak about his office communication practices and using group chat features like Skype and Hipchat here at onPeak to create a sense of community and, in turn, creating a bond among subcultures --  Like HipCat, a chat room where cat lovers post funny videos and images of their cats.

Colin enjoyed attending NEXT himself and left with some head scratching memories. “I really enjoyed Thad Lurie's session on ‘Data: Jet Fuel for Event Performance.’” Colin said, “This one stuck with me – ‘If you ask the CEO, CFO and Meeting Director at an association, 'How many attendees came to last year’s event?' You’ll get 3 different answers. Because everyone sees the data a little differently.’”

Quote logoOverall, different personalities and happy team members are better team members, and onPeak couldn’t be more proud of Colin for accomplishing his goals and spreading his passion for teambuilding. We’re so proud to work with you, Colin, and so many others that make the onPeak team and culture so awesome!  

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