Inspire, don't bore; exhibitor open days

Do exhibitor days need reviewing? They so often get thrown together (we know, we’ve been to a few) without much thought to what to put together other than someone having been tasked with the job of putting one on.

So, what is an exhibitor day?

An exhibitor day is a prime opportunity for you to interact with a dedicated group of clients - they’ve taken the time to come and see you…give them something interesting in return. We (that's a collective we) are all about creating great experiences at our events. Exhibitor days shouldn’t be treated any differently.

It's great to tell them what tools that are available to them to use - but give them a reason as to why they should use them, not just a product demo.

Please don’t just give them a run-down of the ops manual of your event, what you’re doing with your floorplan or what your website looks like this year.

Exhibitors have given up their time and money to be with you to find out what they can do to enhance their exhibiting experience. Their satisfaction is paramount to your success. If you have enthused exhibitors, you’ll have happy visitors*. If you have happy exhibitors… it’s more likely that they’ll re-book and you’ll have happy directors.

 Instead, inspire them.

  • Inspire them to use the pre-show marketing activity to the best of their advantage.
  • Inspire them to interact better with delegates that visit their stand.
  • Inspire them as to why they should be capturing leads to enhance their business.
  • Inspire them that you will be there to help them get the most out of their exhibiting experience.
  • Inspire them to exhibit again.

*obviously there is more to an event than just the exhibitors taking part…but you get my drift.

About the Author

Matt  Coyne

Matt has been working in events & exhibitions for over 15 years. From organising, to design, to website, and onto registration, engagement and intelligent data services, Matt has extensive experience at every level. With a background in organisation, marketing and design Matt is able to cut through the technology and approach engagement and registration solutions with the end users in mind. As Group Commercial Director for Visit by GES and an active participant in the industry, Matt has been involved in a variety of industrywide research projects and is an expert in creating effective event experiences.

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