It Was Five Minutes of Silence at the WTC

Friday morning, while the crew and I were finishing up the very last component of our 11 months of work on the WTC Marketing Center, I happened to be standing at the south windows of Tower seven overlooking Ground Zero and all the construction of the new Downtown NYC. It was easy to see the hundreds of construction workers from this vantage point because they were all wearing bright yellow and green vests. I found it odd that they were not all spread out and milling about like determined ants as usual, but rather clustered in less than six groups. Indeed, the largest group was gathering around the new memorial fountain that was the North Tower until ten years ago.

At that exact moment, I heard an unusual blaring sound; it took me a moment to realize it was many, many air-horns all sounding at once. As I watched, all of the enormous construction cranes over the 16 acres rotated slowly, as if choreographed in a steel ballet. This happened almost in unison toward the fountain, and all the equipment seemed to bow to the memorial site.

For some reason, I looked at the time and of course it was 9:11 a.m. I then realized this must be the construction army's private memorial to 9/11 as they will not be on these grounds Sunday. At 9:16 a.m., they went back to work and so did I. I will never forget this moment or everyone who lost their lives a little more than ten years ago on that fateful September day.

On September 11th, instead of focusing on the somber scene that millions of others were at the now-sacred site of Ground Zero, I sat on a rock in Central Park with a bagel, a coffee and the New York Times. The sun was shining, I heard loud squeals of kids playing with each other and the cracks of bats along with loud cheers on the other. THIS is New York City on Sept 11th, 2011. Americans proudly prevail and endure.

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