It's Your Exhibit, Not Your Castle

GES’ Senior Director- National Accounts, Steve Mannarino, was approached by his client Process Expo to share his industry expertise on their blog. When it comes to exhibiting Steve knows his stuff. He reminded readers that although the placement of items in an exhibit seems easy, it’s possible to inadvertently position things in such a way that attendees feel unwelcome. A common example is “castle walling” your exhibit or placing a table or equipment near the entrance. While you may feel more comfortable standing or hiding behind the table, you are not fully engaged with attendees (you know what this means, zero interaction equals zero leads).

Steve gives the perfect advice. If you have an aisle booth at the very end of the row with two entrances, adjust your table to a slight angle. Attendees can then enter your booth from either aisle (just close your eyes and envision your next exhibit with this slight modification). Another example is a larger booth where exhibitors often use a variety of equipment. He suggests that all interactive items be positioned towards the back of your exhibit to draw attendees further inside.

Are you interested in more advice on preventing castle walling at your next show? Send us a tweet or email Steve directly at

(Blog post via Avoid the Castle Wall Effect)

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