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Museums and sports apparel stores seem to be two polar opposite experiences, but when you take a brand like Nike, there’s a lot of history and passion surrounding it. Being the world’s leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel (not to mention the fact that they’re a major manufacturer of sporting equipment), Nike wanted to revive the look of their famous store at the Forum Shops in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, from the “Niketown” brand to a new “Field House.” The remodeled store includes a significant expansion from 20,000 to 40,000 square feet, as well as a completely new store experience. GES’ goal was to translate the brand message into a space that surrounded each visitor with the values of the Nike brand and the athletes who endorse it.

Partnering with Nike’s brilliant designers and using their attention to detail standards, (which ensured the success of the new concept), we “just did it” and turned a traditional apparel store into a museum for athletes and sports fans alike. Our projects included several custom displays such as the Nike Heritage Wall, the Player’s Lounge, the Soccer + Football Niches and the Running Innovation Area (all of which provided a historical perspective featuring Nike athletes, products and brand messaging).

With an extremely short turn-around time, work was done quickly and effectively to guarantee seamless execution of each display. The high-quality custom displays, product information and inspirational imagery mirrors make this experience akin to a sports museum. The design allows customers to immerse themselves in the Nike brand, learn about the product and understand the passion of Nike athletes (all while choosing products to purchase). The combination of a store and museum feel made for a historical and successful store opening.

I’m pleased to say that our client was thrilled with our work and Suzi Poore, Program Manager, Experience Design at Nike, expressed that the quality of the execution was excellent and the level of professionalism and grace under pressure of every single person was greatly appreciated. She stressed the high-profile nature of this project for Nike and how our team took their most prominent brand experience to a high level of consumer engagement.

It’s an amazing store and you’ll want to bring home a souvenir (my new light-weight shoes have already become a favorite). Have you been to the new Nike Las Vegas? Let us know about your experience at the store and share your pictures on our Facebook wall!

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