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Logic is Great, Emotions are Better

A common event marketing myth: our audience makes purely rational decisions.

Logic is Great, Emotions are Better

As marketers, we tend to create content and messaging that is very logical and rational in nature. We tell people, “Here’s why our service is better/faster/safer/cheaper than the competition.” We share facts, data, and testimonials. We may construct a solution that we feel is too good to pass up. We then expect them to choose our services based on this because, well, it is the logical choice.

But that isn’t how humans work. Sometimes we forget that decisions are actually made using a mix of both rational and emotional factors. We may characterize decisions based on emotions as the opposite of rational, or irrational.

People have feelings about what they purchase. They may be brand loyal. They may be afraid of change. They may not know your company.

So how do you educate your target audience while also giving them all the “feels”?


Events are powerful platforms to deliver your brand messaging while connecting face-to-face.

It is important to provide content that satisfies their intellect and also inspires them. Try to make people laugh, or bring a tear to the eye but above all, leave them with a good feeling once they leave.

Because people use both emotional and rational factors to make decisions, when we design and produce a marketing event, we need to make sure we impact both the attendees’ hearts and minds.

About the Author

Amy is the Global Digital Content Marketing Editor at GES. With a strong background in content marketing, social media, and communications, she is a passionate writer and self-confessed word geek. She is also the founder of a non-profit and a health and wellness online community.

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