Matchmaking at Events: Brain Dates and Brain Mates

February 13, 2017 Sally McComic

Matchmaking at Events - Brain Dates and Brain Mates

You walk into an event, look around and realize you don’t know a soul. Suddenly, you feel paralyzed and the internal questions start: “Who should I connect with?” and “How do I meet up with like-minded people?” OR maybe you’re the belle-of-the-ball, the social butterfly, someone who can make multiple connections in a single smile?

Either way, you quickly begin courting a few people here and there, making small talk about where they’re from and what they do... etcetera… but are you dating the right connections? Are these new connections your brain-mates?

Creating lasting, professional relationships is one of the main reasons people attend conferences, and making the right connections is so important on multiple levels. For starters, connecting with the right people allows attendees to get past the small talk faster and on to more meaningful conversations. They assimilate easily and mold into a community of like-minded individuals. They walk away with strong professional relationships that they can build on for future success.

In an age where people seem to be more in love with their handheld devices, how does one revive F2F (face-to-face) or H2H (human-to-human) connections?

To tackle that question, we’ve researched and scouted out what the events industry is starting to see as smarter technology processes that help to connect people and make a match – professionally speaking, that is. The matchmaking technology we uncovered for the 2017 Trend Tracker guide aims to benefit not only attendees, but event organizers too.

Trend Tracker

Planners are able to get quantitative feedback on the number of matches taking place, dwell time between matches and common topics – immensely useful data for fine tuning future events.

Take for instance, E-180 Labs’ peer-to-peer matchmaking app that enables you to set up meetings for brain dates near your current location. You can explore thousands of local offers or requests for knowledge and then discover who you should meet based on shared interests. Get matched, meet up and share knowledge – it’s that easy. The app – called Braindater – is intended to facilitate spontaneous connections, but with purpose. It’s like Tinder (ahem) but on a more professional level.

There’s also Proxfinity, an electronic smart badge equipped with algorithms and lights that change color based on questions asked during registration. When you’re in proximity to someone who shares your interests, both badges light up and, if desired, contact and matching information can be automatically exchanged.


Proxfinity also collects meaningful data around the face-to-face interactions and provides insight into the engagement. Armed with this information, organizers can enhance and measure the quality of their events, generate better qualified leads, increase sponsorships and use the data to prioritize future programs spend.

While you may or may not make a personal love match this Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance these new technologies will help you find your professional brain-mate.

Looking to create a love connection for your brand? Connect with a GES Brand Love Expert today!

Love Always!



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