Our Industry Forecast: 2012

Spring brings growth, and growth is especially welcome considering the instability in U.S. and global economies the past few years. Based on the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) Index which gauges exhibition industry growth, in 2011, the exhibition industry experienced greater growth and across a broader array of industry sectors than in 2010.

The CEIR Index report tracks 14 industries by measuring growth or shrinkage in four key indicators (net square feet, exhibitors, attendees, and revenue). Out of all the industries covered in 2011, seven grew in all four factors and only three achieved that in 2010. The industries showing exhibit growth in 2011 are focused on the consumer – verifying the return of some level of consumer confidence – manufacturing and IT.

The forecast looks strong for 2012 to 2014. Eight of the 14 industries have shown growth, while four project VERY strong growth. When you see the infographic you’ll probably be glad we summarized the data, but you may also want to dig a little deeper and see where your industry stands. The CEIR Index Report holds much more information on each sector and the economy as a whole. Consider reading it and mining it for data that helps you build a strategic advantage in your market.

Download a PDF to print here.

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