Show Me the Munny

Hey There –

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is SPIRO and I am one of the GESMunnies.” What’s that you say? You don’t know about the Munnies? Well friends, sit back and let me tell you our story.

Munnies are do-it-yourself toys created by the great minds at Kidrobot. Basically, we’re blank figurines that come to life when decorated by the artistic hands of our owners. Paint on us, draw on us, cover us in art supplies…we don’t mind. In fact, we kind of like it. That’s how we get our personality.

The creative marketers at GES thought it would be kind of cool to use us to help tell their story at EXHIBITOR2011 (some call it the convention for conventioneers). They took me and four of my friends and had design teams from across their entire network decorate us to represent the cornerstones of their brand promise:  Simplicity, Predictability, Inspiration, Results and On Time Right the First Time.

Everyone knows that it’s important to differentiate from the competition at crowded trade shows. We Munnies helped GES stand apart from the other exhibitors by creating a fun, engaging and memorable exhibit centerpiece that leveraged their artistic “Paint by Wonders” booth theme. I’m not one to brag, but if I do say so myself, we looked pretty good. Here are a few pictures of us in action. The first one is of a “naked” Munny so you can see the wonder of our designers’ work.




               Simplicity                                         Predictability                            Inspiration


                                Results                                On Time, Right The First Time

In addition to being featured in the GES booth, we also hung out at their private event at Jack Gallery in Mandalay Place. There, guests were invited to find their inner artist and decorate their own mini Munny. It was a great way to extend the “Paint by Wonders” theme beyond the show floor.


           The Decorated Mini Munnies!                                                   Our Adventure On The Strip!

We played pretty hard that night…in fact; we still haven’t made our way home from the party! Twitter and Facebook followers of GES have been tracking our exploits and have picked up some pretty cool prizes by doing so. At EXHIBITOR2011, GES gave an iPod Nano to the first person who successfully guessed our first post-party location. We’re still out on the road, with many more adventures planned, so be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for your chance to grab a prize of your own.

We Munnies were really successful in helping GES create some great buzz around their show presence and social media efforts. So next time you’re planning an event, think creatively about how to catch your target’s attention. You might just wind up saying “Show Me the Munny” to your company!

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