Spring Has Sprung

It’s that time of year again – my favorite time of year - the sun is shining (albeit intermittently amongst all the rain on the East Coast), the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. After a long, hard winter, it’s invigorating to see everything come alive. But for all of us in healthcare, spring holds another type of excitement – it is show time!

With bags packed, and itineraries and show folders in tow, we are arriving in convention centers around the world to reap the rewards of months of meticulous planning to see our ideas take root and experiences come to life. We’ve worked hard to unearth new technologies, create engaging activities to cultivate excitement on the show floor and create metrics to measure our success. With booth structures being installed, regulatory approvals received and pre-con meetings conducted we are minutes away from spring show debuts. No doubt this year’s spring season shows will hold many exciting surprises.

My show floor “weather” predictions foresee three things:

1. iPads- (lots of them)! iPad’s slim profile and easy to use touch screen allows endless possibilities for rep detailing and/or in-booth interactives. (I have to admit that I LOVE my iPad2. Lightweight and compact it’s easy to travel with and allows the convenience of quickly checking emails while on the road or at show site. The FaceTime video feature makes time away from home easier by enabling me to see my girls even when I’m thousands of miles away. Plus, with great video and gaming options my iPad provides stress relief during those late night travel delays while keeping me current (or at least not years behind) on the latest movies).

2. Social media- I think we can all see the tremendous impact social media has made on all of our lives – both personally and professionally. Conventions are no different – the integration of social media during all phases of a convention continues to grow. As a techie and admitted App addict I’m personally excited to see what social media tactics will debut on show floors this spring.

3. Innovative educational interactives and take away items- Finally, as we all know that healthcare is constantly seeking ground-breaking new technologies, inventive activities, compliant premiums and irresistible hospitality items – I look forward to walking the show floors to see and taste the creative solutions! This is a busy time for everyone in the healthcare industry. So, put down the blackberry or iPhone, and smell the flowers (even if they are just floral arrangements adorning your booth).

What are your predictions for spring? Let me know at tcampanaro@ges.com.

P.S. Forgot to mention, I survived my daughter’s formal, and to say the least, I’m more than ready for the challenges this spring is bringing!

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