Step Up Your Digital Game

Energize the experience with interactive digital technology. In its most basic form an exhibit is a physical environment that combines conversation and visuals to get your message across. Digital interaction can be that added dimension that energizes message retention and makes the entire experience truly memorable.

                                 VISUAL + CONVERSATION + INTERACTION

Some of this new technology has set the interactive market on fire. Walk through almost any trade show and you’ll see iPads in most booths. Why? The reasons are simple: they’re fun and easy to use; they provide a compact platform for visual aids and educational material. Reps can put all sorts of information right into attendees’ hands without taking away from the face-to-face experience.

A few years ago gesture technology was new and expensive. By simply moving your hands or other body parts users can manipulate information in a unique and engaging way. Today it’s available in several formats and developers are starting to integrate custom content for use on the show floor. A good example of gesture-based technology is the new Kinect for Xbox 360.

Technology offers a host of benefits. The pieces are very scalable and depending on a company’s budget, an exhibitor can create one to several mediums of content and either rent or invest in limited pieces of hardware. Measurability is key for maximizing ROI. Just about any interactive device can be fitted with a measurement plug-in, from simple bar code scanning to badge swipes all the way up to RFID technology.

I believe that the growing interest we’re seeing in interactives is more than just a trend – it’s a movement. It proves that many exhibitors have realized that just showing up at a trade show, setting up a booth and staffing it with reps isn’t cutting it anymore. Bringing value to your trade show representation, as well as increasing your competitive edge, means understanding and investing in technology. Technology has the power to change the visual landscape, enhance conversation and increase interaction. That’s a formula for success!

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