Stop Thinking B2B or B2C

Stop Thinking B2B or B2C

Often in marketing, we hear an interesting story about an event experience but we disregard it as irrelevant. “Oh, our company could never afford something like that,” or “We are way too conservative an organization to do anything so innovative.” And most often heard, “Well, that is a B2C example, and we are a B2B company.”

It’s time to abandon this line of thinking. The truth is events shouldn’t be strictly B2B or B2C. Rather, they should be Human-to-Human (H2H) and Face-to-Face (F2F), which include live interactions between attendees. Everyone is a consumer, and everyone appreciates experiences that enable them to do something fun, to step out of their day-to-day, and to connect with others in new ways.

We recognize an important correlation affecting events right now. That is, as technology usage grows, the desire for human-to-human connections increases. This inverse relationship goes like this: as the amount of time you use technology increases during your day and the amount of human contact inevitably decreases, your desire for more human interactions goes up. Attendees crave for more of these human-to-human connections at events the more they are inundated with tech in their daily lives. And that makes sense – you want what you don’t have.

At GES, we’re applying the lessons of consumer experiential marketing into events with what we call an “activation mindset.” We are developing distinct experiences within a B2B event that get people to do things together – to actually have fun or do something constructive outside the traditional modes of breakout sessions, networking activities, and expo floors. One of the best parts of this kind of thinking is the opportunity to get other companies and organizations to sponsor these activations, giving them unique ways to reach audiences that cost little to nothing for event organizers.

Experiential Marketing

But, of course, the biggest opportunity lies with the attendees. If you provide them with experiences they actually want, they are more likely to remember them – and you. So ditch that old way of thinking, and create an event no one will want to miss.


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