The Art of Travel Technology Part Two

Just as travel challenges continue so does my top ten must-have travel apps. I hope you’ve had a chance to check out the first five favorites from last week. What? Haven’t had a moment of free time? That’s okay.

They’ll be here when you need them, and so will the rest of my top ten apps which you’ll find below:

6. TripAdvisor| Price: Free

Whoever said opinions don’t matter hasn’t used TripAdvisor! TripAdvisor is my go-to resource to get online reviews of restaurants, hotels and local attractions in my next travel destination. I can count on its 5 star ranking system and reviewers comments which make me feel like I have millions of consultants helping me successfully meet and exceed all my travel expectations. I especially love the “Near Me Now” feature that searches nearby restaurants and their associated ratings helping me to select the ideal restaurant for dinner with clients.

7. Bento |Price:  $4.99

If you’re like me you are juggling so many priorities and details with so little time!  I need a straightforward way to stay organized. Bento’s easily customized templates give me just the right tool to organize myself so I can track outstanding projects, log expenses, plan activities and communicate to my team regardless of where I am. The ability to sort information on my iPhone is invaluable when I am trying to prioritize the information I just received while sitting in a hotel lobby.

8. Taxi Magic | Price: Free

I am usually checking an endless string of emails and trying to make one more phone call while rushing out of the convention center to catch a flight only to find that I am faced with a very long taxi line.  This was a regular occurrence until I found TaxiMagic. It connects your iPhone's GPS with a local taxi dispatch system and requests a taxi to your exact location. This simple tap of an app also lets you track the arrival of the taxi while allowing you to charge payment directly to your credit card.  While not accessible everywhere, Taxi Magic is available in 40 major U.S. cities, many of which are sure to include the top convention cities on your fall travel schedule.

9. GlobeTipping | Price: 99¢

Once you have arrived in your destination city and your bags are in tow, you will soon face another challenge… how much should I tip?  While each country or community has an accepted tipping protocol, the trick is understanding the local guidelines.  What is common in many countries may simply not be done in others.  And to complicate things even further, the rules for tipping are constantly changing.  What you tipped during your first visit to your favorite foreign destination may be totally inappropriate during a return trip.  What’s my tip - pardon the pun - on how to handle this successfully?  GlobeTipping - it does the thinking for me, letting me know when and how much to tip in restaurants, hotels, taxis and more, in 200 plus countries around the world.

10. AroundMe | Price: Free

While we don’t always have a lot of free time when we are traveling, there are moments when we need to find an ATM, a local gas station or the closest Starbuck’s for a much needed caffeine jolt. AroundMe is an amazing reference guide to help you find the nearest… anything really. It sorts through Google’s business listings to find something closest to you.  My favorite part is that the listings come with complete information that you can save to your contacts or find using Google maps.

So there you have it, my top ten favorite travel apps that have helped make my life easier.  I hope you find them useful as well.  Feel free to share them with your neighbor on your next flight or the new friend you make at your hotel’s restaurant while you wonder why you haven’t seen any part of (insert city here) other than the hotel and the convention center during your trip. If one of your favorite apps didn’t make my list, I’d love to hear about it. Please take a minute to share your list of favorite apps on our Facebook wall!

Safe travels.

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