Top 5 Most Appealing Event Accommodation Amenities

As event professionals, we are always searching for the next great idea to improve the overall event experience, from interactive displays on the show floor to ultra-convenient hotel rooms. But what is it that our participants find most appealing? What is it that they won’t live without? Here at onPeak, we have been keeping our ears low to the ground and speaking directly with our contracting experts to discover the top five most appealing amenities for your events.  


5.  Complimentary Food & Beverage Options 

Who can say no to free wine and snacks? After a long day in sessions, treat your guests to a complimentary evening reception with cocktails and snacks. According to Jennifer Salerno, Director of Hotel Industry Relations at onPeak, food and beverage options are the fifth most contracted hotel amenities. Gone are the days of seeking solace over room-service dinners for one. A complimentary reception not only provides your event goers with much-needed relaxation, but it also fosters priceless networking and mingling opportunities.   

As an alternative to offering an evening reception, breakfast is another important amenity. The fact remains that healthy humans perform better and are more engaged in what they’re doing1, so why not help your event participants begin each morning energized and equipped for the day ahead with complimentary or discounted breakfast? With out of town guests unfamiliar with their surroundings and international show-goers accustomed to having breakfast rolled into their hotel package, contracting complimentary or highly discounted breakfast should be a priority.  


4. Fitness Centers or Other Healthy Activities 

Now more than ever, people are getting up off the couch (or hotel bed), lacing up their sneakers and releasing their stress through a basic workout at some point in their day.  According to MeetingsNet, exhibitors rank a hotel fitness center as one of the most appealing amenities when booking a hotel stay. At onPeak, bicycles or other fitness-related activities are the fourth most contracted amenities. Our Hotel Industry Relations team has strong relationships with a variety of properties that offer fitness-related activities, including The Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, which provides a yoga mat in each guest room and creates a simple yet memorable experience to promote health and wellness to their guests. If the hotels in your block don’t offer modern fitness centers, Jennifer Salerno, Senior Hotel Industry Relations Manager, suggests contracting hotels that offer free group classes on-site or partner with fitness studios nearby to serve as appealing alternatives.  


Marriott Marquis Lobby3.  Unique Meeting Spaces 

The needs of the typical business and leisure traveler are evolving.  More and more, hotels are revamping lobby and meeting spaces in support of these trends to foster more social, casual and interactive environments. The so-called “alternative” accommodation option has developed into a standard stay option as well, especially in the minds of Generation Y and Millennials.  We are learning that a growing number of today’s travelers appreciate the offerings of an alternative accommodations provider, like unique amenities, personalized services and high-end gathering spaces.  Contracting a variety of convenient and budget-friendly hotel rooms, along with hand-selected alternative accommodations properties for your event, makes your accommodation program highly appealing.  

onPeak has partnered with Oasis, an alternative accommodations provider offering personalized service and hotel-like amenities in the comfort of a hand-selected home.  Do your guests travel more than 200 days out of the year?  Are there high-level executives or professionals in need of social entertaining space or off-site meeting space? Perhaps your group requires a kitchen or prep space for food or exhibit displays. Understanding the needs of your attendees or exhibitors and offering unique solutions will keep them happy and returning year after year. 


2. Free Bottled Water 

According to the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University, free bottled water is an important amenity and ranked highest in prompting repeat hotel visits.  Hydration is extremely important for any traveler, especially when you consider the hectic schedule of an event participant. Contracting hotels that include free bottled water makes the guest feel cared for and 49% of guests take advantage this amenity.  Although this may seem like an overly simplistic ask, it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked.  A little h20 can go a long way. 


1. Wi-Fi 

We live in a world that demands endless access to the Internet around every corner, including in our hotel rooms. Offering hotel amenities such as complimentary in-room Wi-Fi is the number one most contracted amenity here at onPeak and the most appealing amenity to attendees around the globe. 

With smart phones, smart watches, tablets and laptops fully integrated into our everyday lives, we can’t live without seamless access to them all. Event participants already have much to plan and purchase upon arrival. Allow them the basic need of working from their hotel rooms without having to purchase Internet access by the hour.  

We believe that keeping your event participants top-of-mind throughout the entire event planning process is the key to providing memorable experiences year after year. By considering these top five amenities that we contract at onPeak, you’ll be well on your way to leaving your event-goers with a lasting impression.  Need help?  Our doors are always open to assist you with your hotel contracting needs. 

1Tim Wackel, The Wackel Group. Stop Pitching, Start Solving.

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