Trend Tracker 2017: The Year of the Intelligent Event

Trend Tracker 2017 - The Year of the Intelligent Event

Here we go again! Each year, members of the GES team and our partners at Event Marketer explore countless events and exhibits around the globe to find the most interesting – and potentially game-changing – trends in the industry.

This year, we focus on event intelligence – topics such as data automation and preference-based experiences are front and center. We’ve fully embraced intelligent automation in our homes and everyday lives, so why not at our events?

Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, we’ve provided useful and actionable event planning insights so you too can start creating intelligent events that attract, engage and excite.

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The Trend Tracker guide has quick hits designed for easy consumption. As always, we’ve divided it into four categories so you can focus where you need to. Here are some highlights of what you’ll find within:

1. Planning and Strategy: The seats at the planning table continue to evolve and multiply this year. Sales teams look to sell beyond square footage, as marketers develop pre-event engagement with strategic partners. Data managers prepare surveys and platforms, and creatives huddle with technologists to create the customized touchpoints that will bring attendee and sponsor goals to life. Everybody at the planning table is speaking analytics and customization.

2. Marketing: The goal of event attendees isn’t as formulaic as a buyer attends to meet a seller. Marketers are developing comprehensive strategies that offer multiple layers of engagement, and with that, multi-layered sponsorship opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors looking to attract the ideal customer. Officially, the B2B space is becoming more B2C.

3. Technology: With so many enticing and trendy technologies coming to market (virtual reality… we’re looking at you), marketers are finally looking past the glitz of the goggles and toward strategic technologies. Interactives that engage, but also record data. Technologies that tie directly to design, while helping foster the inherent reason attendees want to engage in a live setting: connections. Fast and efficient connections.

4. Design: The attendee journey has never been more important, nor has strategic design. For designers, the challenge is building experiences you can measure, experiences that incorporate devices or provide an escape from devices, and moments that can’t be replicated at home.

This is only a small sample of some of the newest trends in the events and exhibits industry. Be sure to grab the full Trend Tracker guide for all the latest. And when you’re ready to explore some of these trends for your next event, let GES help.


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