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Utilizing Insights with Clients for Reinventing Events

During such an imperfect time in our lives, seeking perfection will only add to the frustration we are experiencing in our own personal and professional lives. In times of uncertainty, the ability to move forward and tap into grit will be critical to success now and in the future. It is an endeavor that will require trial and error – but will be extremely rewarding in the end.

With our GES Events team, we find a collective and fiercely focused energy that has already given growth to new ways of working. We have decided to be proactive with our view of the future so we can continue to serve our clients strategically and flawlessly. While some of our hypotheses may be refuted over the next months, we’d rather have a future leaning POV for our partners than a “see what happens” approach. We do not take our clients’ expectations lightly for our team to lead the charge and navigate with them side-by-side.

With all this said, I am happy to provide a proof point - evidence that GES Events is leading the way with candid talk and insights that will ensure success and measured transformations for our clients. We recently hosted a webinar with BizBash discussing the results and insights from our Attendee Survey and their safety mitigation needs for future events. You will quickly notice that we didn’t hold back – we have data, insights and a POV – that are being proven accurate or showing us a better path for experience strategy and design.

We will continue to push our team to take this opportunity to innovate and reinvent how we design and produce live events in the future, collaborating with our clients to elevate the attendee experience. 

For more information about how we are working to REfocus, REinvent, and REconnect, check out our link here.

About the Author

Dan Hilbert is EVP GES Events. With more than 30 years’ experience in the event, agency and entertainment business, Dan has a deep understanding of true experiential marketing and what it takes to make clients successful. Having also worked on the client side managing brands for Fortune 50 companies, he knows the power of face-to-face activation as a strategic growth imperative within the entire marketing mix. As EVP of GES Events, Dan and his team bring brands to life by creating and producing some of the world’s most impactful and immersive brand experiences.

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