Webinar: Sneak Peek at the 2017 GES Trend Tracker Guide

Sally McComic

Webinar Sneak Peek at the 2017 GES Trend Tracker Report 1

A new year means new trends! GES’ annual Trend Tracker guide provides readers with the ultimate annual event and exhibit trend forecast. The 2017 guide includes 50 top industry predictions in areas such as planning and strategy, marketing, technology, and design. Learn more about it in the webinar recording below:




Here are a few of the trends you’ll see in Trend Tracker 2017: the Year of the Intelligent Event. 

Virtual Sponsorships: Expect designers and technologists to have a stronger role in the building of sponsorship packages thanks to innovations like HoloLens. Sponsors are physically restricted by the amount of space in an event. But with digital overlays and similar technology, attendees can view billboards, banners and talking heads…with no additional labor costs!

Peer-to-Peer Matchmaking: Wanna hook up for a brain date at an event? E-180 Labs’ peer-to-peer matchmaking app lets you meet-up and share knowledge with the right people. There’s also Proxfinity, an electronic badge equipped with lights based on answers to registration questions. If the badge holder is in proximity to someone with shared interests, both badges light up and a match is made on-the-spot. It’s like Tinder, but, ahem, on a professional level.

Gamified Microphones: Goodbye mic runners, mic stands and awkward pauses. New audio technologies on the horizon are transforming general sessions and breakouts. Catchbox is a soft padded microphone that can be ‘gently’ thrown around a room. Crowdmic is an app that transforms a smart device into a microphone (or text or polling device) and broadcasts audio to the room.

Mass Mob Interaction: Engage your audience with interactive engagement that makes a lasting impression. With apps like TimePlay, you can run segments of interactive games, compete against audiences and win awesome stuff.

Be sure to check back here in a couple of weeks to download your free copy of the full 2017 GES Trend Tracker report. In the meantime, don’t miss our Sneak Peek Webinar!


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Sally is the Marketing Director for GES Live Events and oversees the production of GES’ booth experience at various industry events. She has a broad history of developing and implementing comprehensive marketing plans and strategies for a variety of organizations across markets. When she's not busy with her three kids and three dogs, she loves serving her local community by volunteering.

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