What's Your Story?

It’s Friday morning, and as with most Fridays I love to start my day listening to National Public Radio’s StoryCorp; the 5-minute segment in which regular American citizens get to record and share their personal stories for the radio audience. Some Fridays I find myself smiling and laughing, other days tearing up as I hear an especially heart-wrenching story (Warning: today’s segment is a tear-jerker!).

Sometimes I wonder – why am I so taken with this segment?

It’s very simple: we love listening to and sharing stories. About ourselves, about other people – heck about places and people we have just dreamt about or haven’t encountered yet. And through these stories we learn and grow – as people, as professionals, and as a community. Stories change and shape who we are and how we relate to one another.

So without further ado, I want to share my story about GES. Oh – you say you know GES right? Just a General Services Contractor at trade shows, huh?

Well, you may change your mind after hearing my story. As a result of the merger between GES, Exhibitgroup/Giltspur and Becker Group last year, we are focused more than ever on creating meaningful and memorable experiences:

• Creating an attendee destination with the World Culinary Showcase at the 2010 National Restaurant Association show complete with a professional host, dynamic stage and showcase of world chefs, and a giveaway to the the 2010 Sony premiere of Eat, Pray, Love in New York.

• Hosting fans and celebrities of Hogwarts at the traveling Harry Potter: The Exhibition, which is currently running at Discovery Times Square, New York.

• Delivering a successful integrated marketing program for P&G Pet Care at trade shows that has driven awareness and consideration of P&G products.

• Managing shows large and small across the globe, in venues ranging from hotels to convention centers to open fields. Our recent initiative to provide real-time order entry and delivery at show site saves time and allows exhibitors to focus where it counts – on the attendee experience.

It is exciting to be part of this story; my participation in it has allowed me to grow professionally and personally, as it changes and evolves. Most importantly is the need to tell the story to others, so we can learn and grow – together.

So what’s your story? Tell us at the GES Facebook page.

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