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Why it is great to be back

Getting the call after a long, long summer
It was great to receive the call saying it’s time to get back to work. It certainly felt like a long summer.

The first few days felt strange; a little like starting a new job or the first day of school, and it was clear others felt the same. Now back into the swing of things, I have really enjoyed re-engaging with clients and colleagues, catching up on what has been happening and discussing the future.

Although there is still uncertainty in the sector, I feel reassured by the great progress GES has made creating events that are focused on the health and safety of all participants. A testament to the hard work is the amazing cross industry collaboration on the All Secure Expo back in September, displaying the unapparelled commitment of our entire industry to rebuild the sector.


New beginnings
We have seen innovation and diversification both internally and externally, and I think we should all congratulate ourselves on how robust and resolute we are as an industry.

I have been especially impressed with the developments from our event intelligence team and the Visit by GES technology. The new contactless registration and digital content sharing features remove complexities and truly harnesses the power of data. The platform helps organisers execute coordinated and effective safe events in the midst of this COVID pandemic.

If you want to learn more about delivering safe events during this health pandemic, please read 8 ways technology can help your events become COVID-compliant from our blog. 

Although the past few months have been extremely challenging, I believe there is now light at the end of the tunnel and 2021 will see us all come together to build meaningful events and experiences once again. I think we are all in agreement that nothing will replace the hustle and bustle and thrill an opening morning brings. The sooner we all get back to it, the better!


Secret to happiness
As human beings, we need two things to achieve happiness in my opinion. We need purpose and prospect. Firstly, purpose gives us meaning and direction, it enables us to put things into perspective. Secondly, prospect is what we all need to believe something wonderful will happen if we keep striving.

Sadly, 2020 has been lacking in both, but thankfully, with recent vaccine news and testing advancements, and the conversations I have had with our wonderful clients both old and new, I have renewed purpose and the prospect of a brighter, happier 2021. It’s starting to look like a real possibility.

So, I encourage everyone to keep talking and keep exploring and sharing ideas, no matter how small. Remember, from little acorns, grow mighty oaks.

About the Author

Blake is an accomplished event and operational professional with over 12 years of experience in the live events sector across the UK and Middle East. A stalwart of GES’ account management team for the past decade, Blake has closely worked with brands including The London Tech Event, London Vet, Toy Fair, Screwfix Live and London Wine Fair. Adept in account development, Blake focuses on building successful relationships forged upon the strength of collaboration.

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