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Bell Helicopter at CES

For the last 80 years, Bell Helicopter has redefined revolutionary aviation technology. Always forward-thinking, Bell Helicopter continues to evolve and create cutting-edge products, because that pioneering spirit is part of their DNA.

With that same enthusiasm, Bell Helicopter approached their events partner GES to collaborate on an extraordinary consumer-facing experience, designed to both attract and delight the audience at the 2018 CES technology conference, the epicenter of breakthrough technology. 

As the first major helicopter manufacturer at CES in its history, Bell Helicopter desired a show-stopping debut to showcase their air taxi and present the possibilities of urban mobility. Large LED walls were combined with Virtual Reality “pods” to showcase videos and leader content, thus crafting an otherworldly experience. An “elevator” utilized MicroTiles to create the illusion of ascending to a verti-port, where thrilled attendees participated in a virtual AirTaxi flight.

As a trailblazer, Bell Helicopter remains focused on developing visionary solutions and technologies for both aviation and transportation through traditional rotocraft, vertical lift and electric and hybrid VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft. Using virtual reality as a design tool to create futuristic products, Bell Helicopter continues to innovate by constantly evolving, creating new markets for advanced material technologies and designing revolutionary pilot and passenger experiences.

From the first civil aviation helicopter in the world to the latest in VTOL, Bell Helicopter ushers in a new era of aviation with every product release of their state-of-the-art platforms and capabilities, bringing dreams to life. Stay tuned for the next chapter of innovation with Bell Helicopter.

"Our leadership decided we wanted to exhibit at CES. We started with a blank sheet of paper with very little time, but thankfully we went to GES and told them our far-fetched vision and with a yes, they said we can do it. They get us, they understand us so well that they can take our vision and make it happen."