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Breaking New Ground at Elmwood Park Zoo

GES Events has partnered with Elmwood Park Zoo to transform its historic venue into a stunning winter wonderland for the holiday season. With dazzling animated installations, interactive elements, and themed attractions, Wild Lights greets guests with holiday cheer at every corner. 

For over five years, the leadership team at Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA, envisioned a holiday light experience that would draw new and returning attendees to their venue. After coming across other spectacular displays GES Events has created in the past, Elmwood Park Zoo decided to partner with GES to design an event that fit their boutique footprint.

Through initial brainstorming, it was decided that the zoo’s first objective was to feature its inhabitants in a whole new light for their guests to enjoy at night. To accomplish this goal, GES Events designed and created many fantastical, animal-specific light attractions including a dazzling 30-foot-tall tree with soaring electric eagles alighting on top, and an installation to showcase the new multi-million dollar Jaguar exhibit which, for the event, features its inhabitants simulated in lights jumping between the rooftops of the exhibit.


Jaguar exhibit


GES and Elmwood’s joint vision brightens the skies as visitors are immersed in a spectacular light display unique to the city. The experience includes trees dripping with lights, glowing orbs, interactive installations, and themed displays. Treetop Adventures takes guests ziplining over the bison enclosure in a glowing harness, and guests are happily surprised by light installations above during their flight. Visitors are delighted to journey down Candy Cane Lane and Disco Ball Way, all leading to a visit to Santa’s North Pole Lodge for photos with the big man himself and, of course, his reindeer.


Visitors are delighted to journey down Candy Cane Lane


Together, GES Events and Elmwood Park Zoo created a stunning winter wonderland for all visitors to enjoy this holiday season.


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