New, Immersive Holiday Experience at Taubman Shopping Centers

November 14, 2016

To rediscover the magic and tradition of the holiday season, GES client, Taubman, will debut Santa’s Flight Academy, a one-of-a-kind, immersive holiday experience, at 12 shopping centers throughout the United States. The Academy combines a giant re-imagination of the North Pole with state-of-the-art technology to enable children to become a member of Santa’s flight crew. Partnering with an elf, each child will help ready Santa’s sleigh so he can deliver presents to children around the world.

Malls are reinventing the holiday experience and creating new ways to provide guests with more hands-on engagement. When Taubman Centers, Inc. decided to create a more immersive holiday experience, they turned to GES and the company’s extensive experience delivering innovative, face-to-face marketing solutions.

Santa’s Flight Academy allows children to “Elf” themselves and become a cadet in Santa’s crew. Upon entering Santa’s Flight Academy, each cadet is presented his or her official flight crew badge and immediately recognized by name. Santa’s helpers guide children through the experience of being fitted for a virtual flight suit, helping to inspect and power Santa’s sleigh before takeoff, and other interactive tasks to ensure every present is carefully delivered.

At the end of the adventure, each child steps inside a 22-foot-tall sleigh for an enchanted snowfall dance party before meeting Santa. Children also receive a special gift from Santa to personally thank them for heroically saving the day.

“We’re thrilled to offer Santa’s Flight Academy to give children a truly immersive holiday experience. The holidays are a time for creating special memories, and we are confident children will be delighted with this new adventure and the encounter will become a tradition for years to come.” - William Taubman, chief operating officer, Taubman Centers, Inc.


Santas Flight academy flights of fancy

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