Martin Luther King once said “I have a dream”. Not, “I have a 5 year plan.”

June 30, 2016 Matt Coyne

Apple dream of greatness. IKEA dream about providing people with opportunity. Microsoft dream to have a computer in every home. Henry Ford wanted a car in every household. What’s your brand's dream?

A thought provoking comment that came from the recent UFI conference in Basel. Your dream may not be technology related, but that doesn't mean you're not likely to use it.

We as an event, are just an instrument in marketing for a company. Each industry and sector has a unique customer journey. So you need to clearly identify those, even within subsets of your own data and how best to engage with them.

Event Technology

It influences experience. Sponsorship. Marketing. Insight. Sales. Our future.

If you use event tech on your own events, you will be influencing at least one of those core areas of vertical mentioned above, if not more, through various technology products or resources.

#EventTech is probably one of the most talked about subjects in any industry conference, session, networking event. That and digitalisation of your brands.

Which was the overarching subject of the UFI Open Seminar 2016 which took place last week in Basel. I‘ve offered some thought on my key take aways from the event over on Linkedin

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Matt  Coyne

Matt has been working in events & exhibitions for over 10 years. From organising, to design, to website, and onto registration and intelligent data services, Matt has extensive experience at every level. With a background in organisation, marketing and design Matt is able to cut through the technology and approach data and registration solutions with the end users in mind. As Technology Engagement Architect for GES and an active participant in the industry, Matt has been involved in a variety of industrywide research projects and is an expert in how to prove ROI and manage data effectively.

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