My Generation

June 30, 2016 Gerard Conway

I think Pete Townshend was onto something when he penned 'My Generation'. Not his obvious nod to mod counterculture, but youth’s relationship with the preceding generation. 

In our industry today, and this is speaking from experience, I have found it difficult to get my name out there. And it wasn't for a lack of trying...
I was always up for networking opportunities and award nights. However, in a room with literally hundreds of people, it's not easy to jump right into a conversation.
There are thousands of new individuals and young people within our industry that are in a similar situation. 
I was very fortunate to have been selected as a member of the Exhibition News 30 Under Thirty 2016. This has lead to me reconnecting with peers I haven’t seen in a while, as well as meeting many new connections. This simple idea from EN has already provided me with more than I could have achieved at all of the awards celebrations throughout the year and the opportunities now open to me are phenomenal. I cannot wait to take advantage!
So it's great to see huge industry players such as Mash Media and UFI (with their Next Leadership Generation Grant) to be at the forefront of triumphing rising talent.
I think it's so important to publicise the next generation. Stealing a cheesy line from one of those dangling cat posters, "Someone who feels appreciated will always do more than expected". In theory, recognising the next leaders now will only benefit our industry for years to come…
Thank you again for the recognition, Exhibition News. I look forward to working with the other 29 very soon to see just what we can all achieve!

Originally published on Linkedin


Originally posted on Linkedin


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