Exhibiting tips

We found some great Exhibiting tips on the Facetime website and would like to share them with you:

1. Count the senses.

There are five. Taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. When you brief your stand design agency  – tell them you want as many of the five senses in the stand design as you can.

2.  Wearable technology.

Apparently watches and wristbands and glasses are going to be big business in 2014. Start adopting this technology and get it integrated into your exhibition activity as soon as possible to get ahead of the game.  

3. Be brave.

Humans and primates have specially-wired brains which allow them to have ‘selective attention’. It means we can process massive amounts of information in milliseconds. With attention spans increasingly diminishing in 2014 keep your stand simple to avoid being lost in the information overload.

4. Be human.

We all like to maximise our business ROI but that doesn’t mean we have to be dead serious and boring. The best businesses entertain, inform and inspire their customers. Promote your personality.

5. Respect Data.

 Last year was massive regarding data privacy. Make sure you treat the data gathered and used at live events with the respect and manner the modern consumer expects. In doing so you’ll be ensuring that your digital and live activity performed to their maximum.

6. Before the exhibition.

Rave about it on social media. Tweet about it. Post pictures on Pinterest. Create some buzz on Facebook and Google+.  Integrate it with your blog content. Add the details to your email signature. Drop it into conversation. Make sure people know you’re going to be there.

7. Be seen.

Did you know that people love to get interactive with plasma screens?  They’re a BIG winner and one of our top tips from our eye tracking research. 

8. Invest in your staff.

We’ve all seen promotional staff stand around chatting, eating, twiddling their thumbs or just looking plain miserable. Make sure your stand is the exception. Use approachable people who know and can speak confidently about your business. If you need to use promotional staff make sure they are fully briefed and understand why they’re there – to raise awareness and generate good quality leads.

9. Ask open questions.

Asking if you can help somebody simply won’t do. On the most part, they’re going to say, ‘no’. Try asking what has brought them to the show and go from there.

10. Omni-channel. 

This is one of the 2014 buzzwords in marketing circles. It basically means that the consumer has the same experience whether it’s digital, social, mobile or face-to-face. So make sure your exhibition activity is optimised for all these different channels.

11. Generate leads  

Don’t forget why you’re exhibiting – ultimately it’s to increase your ROI. The more quality leads you leave with, the higher your chances of winning big business! But make sure they're qualified leads and make sure more conversations have been had.

12. Follow-up!

Your marketing strategy doesn’t end when your joints are aching and you’re packing up after the final day of the show. The days to follow are prime time. Make sure you reach out to you leads while you’re still fresh in their heads. 

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How can exhibitors increase engagement before a show opens?

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