[Upcoming Webinar] The Smart Exhibition | 24 Jan 2019

Join our Webinar 24 Jan. 2019 @ 10:30am GMT

Are you maximising the opportunities at your event? Discover how interactive technologies can attract, engage audiences, optimise ROI/ROO for exhibitors and provide rich, behavioural data to organisers.

We will cover hot tips including:

  • Creating interactive elements to drive engagement between visitors and exhibitors, and the sharing of high value content
  • Driving successful re-bookings by offering new revenue-generating products, that also deliver behaviour-based insights
  • Understanding engagement around your event (who met whom, who collected what) and enabling you to deliver intelligence led sales & marketing campaigns


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About the Author

Matt  Coyne

Matt has been working in events & exhibitions for over 15 years. From organising, to design, to website, and onto registration, engagement and intelligent data services, Matt has extensive experience at every level. With a background in organisation, marketing and design Matt is able to cut through the technology and approach engagement and registration solutions with the end users in mind. As Group Commercial Director for Visit by GES and an active participant in the industry, Matt has been involved in a variety of industrywide research projects and is an expert in creating effective event experiences.

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