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The power of event storytelling - How to use the art of narrative to craft an event

A good story will make anyone sit up and take notice. Numerous studies have shown that the brain is far more stimulated by narrative than by hard facts.

John Sanders, head of strategic client engagement at GES, will discuss why customers engage differently when you tell them stories. He’ll share different ways you can incorporate and articulate storytelling within your events as well as practical tips on how you can deepen your attendee’s engagement with your brand event by taking them on a memorable journey.

About the Author

John has spent 15 years working with leading brands across technology, financial services, food and media. With both 'client side' and agency experience, John offers unique insight into delivering a cohesive event programme, directing the creative strategy and storytelling to ensure a truly integral, unified brand story that is articulated through the event space, media and narrative.

Profile Photo of John Sanders