Webinar: Trend Tracker 2017- Strategy and Planning

David Saef

Start Planning Your Event Strategy Like a Pro!

Events are widely considered one of the most effective marketing tools in a business’s lexicon of marketing activities. However, they are also one of the most — if not THE most — demanding. With tons of moving parts and a variety of critical decisions throughout the planning process, it's no wonder many event marketers struggle with developing an effective event strategy.

In our most recent webinar, you can watch as David Saef breaks down the essentials of creating a well-developed event strategy and the tactical plans necessary to execute against it.

About the Author

David  Saef

David Saef is former GES’ Executive Vice President of Strategy. David is based in the Chicago client care center managing a team of strategy and marketing professionals. Prior to this position, David led the growth of GES’ Marketing Solutions integrated marketing and measurement offering and previously served as general manager of the Roselle, Illinois client care center. He also acted as a strategy advisor on national client accounts, where he provided insight on establishing and managing face-to-face marketing objectives, program performance, and best-in-class program optimization. David has spoken at Exhibitor Show, TS2, HCEA, Red Diamond Congress, EDPA and Large Show Roundtable.

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