Aveda Global Congress 2018 - The Evening Performance

Showcasing the creativity of the most celebrated global artists, Aveda Congress is a four-day event which attracts 5,000 visitors from the Aveda network - from hairdressers, salon owners and international press - who attend to learn about new products and techniques whilst networking with global peers.

To mark the brand’s 40th anniversary, Aveda used The Evening Performance of the congress as an opportunity to educate their audience about the ethos behind the brand, in order to cultivate a deep sense of connection to their heritage of artistry and social responsibility in their visitor’s minds.

Under the creative direction of Aveda Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders, the Blitz team utilised technology, lighting, and sound to take the visitors on a content-rich, theatrical journey through the history of Aveda - delighting, educating and wowing them in turn.

Taking nature and Aveda product ingredients as inspiration, the production created drama and intrigue through the use of holographic illusions achieved with the clever use of projection and crafted content.

Alongside the holograms, large-scale moving LED walls displayed immersive digital content. The pièce de résistance was an engineered headpiece featuring mechanical butterflies, which began to move and fly off into the audience perfectly in time with the onscreen content and accompanying soundscape and lighting design. 

The result was a breathtaking celebration of talent and creativity. 

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