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Forging Meaningful Connections


Our unwavering commitment to prioritizing our people – our teams, clients, and partners – has defined our journey for nearly a century.  We firmly believe that connecting enriching experiences, boundless innovation, and expert talent forms the bedrock of extraordinary exhibition experiences.

Our team, held to the highest standards, navigates each day guided by our core values of trust, responsibility, understanding, and excellence. Encapsulated by the acronym TRUE, these values serve as the guiding force for every interaction, underscoring their pivotal role as the foundation of our business.

Throughout the year, we invite you to delve into the thoughts and ideas of our dedicated employees, exploring how our values and mission illuminate their paths. Meet our vibrant and skilled workforce, discover the reasons we are passionate about the events and exhibitions industry, and witness the impactful strides we are making.

Allow us to introduce you to the GES Iris – more than a mere company logo, it symbolizes our team's myriad talents and perspectives. The Iris is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and belonging, a celebration of the unique strengths that each individual contributes to our organization.

Immerse yourself in the unfolding narrative of how we consistently place people at the forefront of our business. We are grateful to you for infusing vibrancy into GES and entrusting us to craft extraordinary exhibition experiences for your organization!

Learn more about how we are TRUE to GES