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GES Partners with Expo Auctions to Simplify Auction Management

“Expo Auctions exceeded our every expectation by streamlining the process, taking on the brunt of the work from start to finish and in the end, allowing us to contribute more to our charity” - ESCA Scholarships Program

Giving Back to our communities and association foundations has always been top of mind and a key social responsibility of GES. Partnerships with PCMA, IAEE, CEIR, ESCA, and other industry partners have allowed GES to play a significant role in contributing to charities important in our industry! It’s part of our DNA and we are now excited to announce a partnership with Expo Auctions to ease the burden of incorporating an online or onsite silent auction.  

One of the biggest challenges associations face in trying to create a silent auction is finding the resources to execute it. Staffing, soliciting auction items, on-site management, and item delivery are all challenging, but GES has simplified auctions with the GES Gives Back Silent Auction Program. With over  1000 auction items ready to be purchased, GES and Expo Auctions offer a turnkey solution. Incorporating an online auction is extremely easy with a custom landing page, sponsorship opportunities, online bidding, fulfillment, and management.  For onsite auctions, the program provides an on-site representative to facilitate the auction, manage mobile biding, checkout services, shipping and handling, and settlement. A wide variety of online and onsite auction packages are available with transparent pricing so more money can be raised for your association, foundation, or charity.

As you begin to plan your next show, ask your GES Sales or Client Services Manager to assist you with incorporating a silent auction into your exhibition and increase the size of your donation to your foundation, scholarship fund, or local charity. 

To learn more about the GES Gives Back Silent Auction Program contact Chuck Grouzard or visit Expo Auctions.

About the Author

Christy Ricketts is currently the VP of Marketing for North American Exhibitions at GES. She leads the development of integrated marketing campaigns that drive interactions with trade show organizers and executes exhibitor engagement for over 1500 shows annually. Leaning into her digital agency background, she is passionate about integrating new technologies that accelerate transformation and collaborating with sales and client services to deliver extraordinary exhibition and exhibitor experiences.

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